Advance Praise for The World Is On Fire


Evocative essays on faith, life and wonder.
In these lyrical, finely crafted pieces, Tevis (English and Creative Writing/Furman Univ.; The Wet Collection: A Field Guide to Iridescence and Memory, 2012) reflects on haunted places: a house with 160 rooms stalked by its owner’s ghost; a nuclear bomb testing ground in Nevada; the site of Buddy Holly’s plane crash; auction rooms filled with abandoned furniture; and, not least, her own memories. Apocalypse, she writes, means “unveiling,” and she searches for wisdom in devastation and despair....“Spells fill the space” (she writes) and “a strange glow marks this seam between life and death.  That seam glows fiercely, startlingly bright, in these rich, revelatory essays.




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Sample essays from The World Is On Fire


"Fairy Tales of the Atomic Age (Rock City")


Audio of author reading "Fairy Tales of the Atomic Age"


Ten Years You Own It (The Salton Sea)


Interview with Adam Kullberg at


Damn Cold in February:  Buddy Holly, View-Master, and the A-Bomb


Interview with Orion editor Hannah Fries about the Alaskan wilderness and the craft of writing

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